Youtube Channels To Watch in 2021


During this Coronavirus pandemic Youtube can be a great way of entertainment for your time when you’re in isolation.

Youtube can be used for entertainment but also to find useful information or ideas. Personally, I watch a lot of Youtube videos every day. Here are 10 Youtube Channels to watch in 2020:

  • Kati Morton is a licensed therapist and she is making videos about psychology and mental health (so, this Youtube channel can be very useful during this Coronavirus pandemic). Her self-help videos are an unique and easy tips to be used for improving your self-esteem and life in general.
  • Fitness Blender is managed by a couple, Kelli and Daniel Segars who published their first video on Youtube about 7 years ago, and now they have more than four million subscribers. They have targeted sessions and full length cardio workouts focused on various areas like thighs and abs, the upper body. Their exercies require minimal space and no or little equipment.
  • Hot Tea is a relatively new channel, started about a year ago and it’s perfect if you just don’t have the time to watch all there is on Youtube. Similar to other tea channels this one too is anonymous.
  • Screen Junkies is popular for the “Honest Trailers” series of  mock-videos satirizing the trailer industry.
  • Psych IRL is managed by Donna who makes videos about how YouTube stars and fans behave.
  • Nerd City published videos very rarely but they get millions of views every time.
  • Apartment Therapy is a great resource for finding ideas for hacking dressers, changing plants, feng shui-ing and reating floating wall art. They’re usually publishing videos about one minute in length.
  • Special Books by Special Kids was set up initially by Chris Ulmer, a disability rights advocate. He worked as a special education teacher and was interviewing his students but no publishers were interested in his book and this is why he started the Youtube channel, as a way to share their stories.

Add your comment opinion bellow and share your opinion or recommendations of other cool Youtube channels that you found to be interesting.

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