Success is Not Easy! But Why?

Showing the world that you have set a name for yourself, is a well-lived life. Doesn’t matter what age you are, old or young, getting to a far place like Bill Gates in life should be everyone’s goal.

And why online? The internet seems to have taken a large part in everyday life. A computer hooked up to the internet is such a common occurrence, that know one even thinks about it. Just like eating. No one wonders if he should eat or not. He eats when he is hungry! Period!

And that is why so many dreams have been accomplished through the internet. Because it is here and  to stay. So that is why, Online or Internet Success is a major way to go.

But, with any journey to a feat, comes with the wears and tears of the process. That is why many fail. They have a dumb excuse that they can justify themselves with. Or make them feel better.

That is why in this article I point out why online success is not easy, and why they are what they are. I will not leave you disappointed and discouraged though. Right after the difficulty, I will give a simple solution to it and motivation to overcome anything!

So there is no way you can fail!

The Online World is Somewhat Complicated.

I said somewhat!

To tell you the truth, it is. In some ways. Not going to lie. To design or develop a site is sure a large and difficult one. Especially if you’re looking at creating something of quality and dominance.

Not just the technical parts. Some may say that just managing the site and growing it is just as hard. SEO, writing, relationships, etc…. Having to leverage all of those features for the online world. True, but they overload themselves with it. That is the wrong way of going at it.

They also might say you  need to know this and that and If I don’t know them, I won’t be able to succeed.

This is all Bullshit Folks!

My simple solution:

Let’s use an analogy or metaphor. Let’s say the internet is like a room. The room needs support in the walls and there are those that take care of it. Then the room needs the walls put up or drywall. There are sure people for that as well.

Then they are those that need to design the room. That is where an online entrepreneur comes in or “you”. The entrepreneur doesn’t need to know how to build the walls or roof, but focuses only on the design and looks. Of course, the design needs some learning and knowledge, but what I am saying with this is, just learn and focus on what you want to succeed on.

It takes basic knowledge of everything to succeed online. If your good on only one aspect, then the chances are slim for you.

Also use “Google”. It is your friend. It will have all the problems you have, solved in no time. Just take it day by day, and read and inform yourself everyday on how to run your online successes.

This article should motivate you to succeed online some more!

It takes A lot of Work.

You know how to build a large building? Well, most of you don’t. But you know this one thing though!

It takes a lot of hard work!

Your online journey could be the construction of that building. Starting with the foundation of the building which could be the selection of your domain name.

Very important to select the correct domain name since this can be the first foundation you are setting your site on.  But let me say this though.

My Simple Solution:

They’re two types of work:

Hard, Dumb Work


Smart, Hard Work

Be smart and work on something that is going to give you something worth while in return. The worst thing (and most experienced) is working your ass of and finding out that it is not going to reap anything back.

Ughhh! People and I myself hate that! That is a whole bunch of people giving up!

But don’t make this deadly mistake. Research and ask around to those who have experienced the same situation on how they did. The answers are worth gold for you!

Research your butt off and coming to your own conclusions, go forward from there with your decision.

One of the worst things to do is so something right away. From a thought or if someone else that said something. Please don’t..


Self-discipline is a rewarding habit. Practicing it daily makes you feel more satisfied and confident in yourself. Of course it’s also the best thing you can do for the success of your business. –


You might have to Change down the Road.

Not easy to do. But situations will arise where taking a change in course is the best option for you. Believe it or not, I do believe some internet entrepreneurs have given up on their course just because they did not want to change for good.

They thought the course they were taking is still the best way to go, even though the signs and signal were saying something else.

My Simple Solution:

If you learned something else new and see that way as the new way to succeed. Don’t hesitate. Hesitation brings doubt, then doubt brings action, action brings the negativity and finally the failure.

This is for all the stubborn people. Don’t be stubborn online. That is the wrong place to be that way and in all areas of life. The internet is changing rapidly and you cannot hold on to an argument for long.

The changes don’t have to be major. Don’t take it the wrong way. Simple changes here there, where it needs to be done, is also a major change in course to succeed. Doesn’t matter how small.

The Conclusion:

I warned. Warned against the uneasiness of the online world. In everything you want to accomplish something, it takes time and knowledge, along with hard work.

I have provided a simpler solution as well,  to take the next step in any difficulty you may have right now, or that will come in contact in the future. Please, never give up and learn!

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