Is for honor cross-platform: What is it

is for honor cross platform

For Honor is a dream competition that pits outstanding champions from all unique periods against each other in both huge fights across huge war zones. Moreover, cozy 1 on 1 duel between categories like knights and samurai. This game is worth playing, which has been allowed to play in advance of incorporating through Xbox’s Game with Gold Program. 

Why Aren’t All Games Cross-Play?

Technical challenges

On cross-play games, it is required to receive updates on all platforms at the same time. For instance, if developers want to initiate a significant game update, they have to release it on all platforms altogether. In many games, gamers who have the old version of the game can tone with other gamers with old versions. However, lower player-based games can struggle with matchmaking difficulties. There are also other technical challenges, such as the exclusive architecture of each console. 

Platform advantage issues

Developers try to build games where gamers can’t complain about issues on performance. Sometimes, PC gamers take advantage of the mouse and keyboard to cheat. It will be a matter of regret if gamers complain that their performance was influenced by the opponent because of a better platform. 

Business decision

Platform individuality is not a new thing. Permanent individual games are frequently released by console manufacturers. They prefer exclusive games so that gamers can stick with their consoles. For instance, a gamer who likes a PlayStation exclusive game will likely purchase a PlayStation though they want other consoles more. This is the main reason gamers own both Xbox and PlayStation. 

Advantages of Cross-Platform Play

Easy matchmaking: A large number of players indicates quicker matchmaking. Players can only match with players of the same platform in multiplayer games with no cross-play. There are struggling games like For Honor where crossplay can minimize the matchmaking time. Not only about matchmaking time, but crossplay is also more organized for better skill-based matchmaking. Gamers generally want to pair with equally efficient opponents for fair gameplay. A large community rather than 2-3 tiny groups can solve all these issues. 

Can pair with new people: Most gamers want to play with new people with someone they have never played with before. Several For Honor players have made a fuss about matching with the same people. Games with a lower player base become tedious if you play with the same old people every day. You may not feel boring if you play occasionally. However, hardcore players who play it every day have raised this issue. Crossplay comes up with a more extensive player base where you can pair and play with new people.  

Can play with friends with other hardware: You can play with your friends those own different hardware in the crossplay platform. If you have Xbox and your friends have a PC or PlayStation, you all can play together without worrying about new hardware. 

Disadvantages of Cross-Platform Play

PC gamers have advantages: PC gamers get a few benefits as they have high-powered hardware and the subsidiaries they can use. Gameplay framerates for console players are 60 fps, while PC gamers can exceed 200 fps. The keyboard and mouse provide better reign over the character. It is different for console players who play with a controller as the gamer can take quick actions on a PC. Most console gamers don’t use a keyboard and mouse, so PC gamers can be a drawback for console players, which is unfair. 

Cheating: Most PC gamers cheat in games like Warzone and Modern Warfare using aimbots and wallhacks. Last year, Infinity Ward was banned over 70K due to the complications of cheating. Whatever, they can create new accounts for free and start doing the same thing again. That’s why console players switch off crossplay from the in-game settings. 

Graphical customization: Console players don’t have the option to customize gameplay graphics settings. Console manufacturers in competitive games frequently release permanent individual games. PC gamers can adjust shadows and darkness to recognize the enemy location. Besides, PC gamers can also minimize all-inclusive graphics to get better framerates. It is considered another disadvantage for console players. 


Cross-platform elements take place in For Honor while considering its Faction War. PC players only fight to the finish against other PC players. Their efforts count towards the one remaining Faction War that covers all platforms. 

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