How to Wear Bracelets with a watch:Why do people wear it

How to wear bracelets with a watch


Accessories are secondary items that people wear to make them look more stylish and attractive. There are a lot of varieties and types when it comes to accessories. Bracelets are also a type of accessories that many people wear. Now, someone can wear a bracelet only or can also pair it up with any other accessories to their like. One of the best accessories that can be worn with a bracelet can be a watch. 

Why do people wear Bracelets? 

There are a lot of reasons why people wear bracelets on their wrists. Some of the most common reasons might be:

  • Bracelets make someone look very stylish.
  • They make the hand look quite pretty and nice.
  • They make someone look wealthy and sophisticated. 
  • Some people idolize some celebrities and wear the bracelets they wear or endorse.  
  • Sometimes bracelets symbolize culture, religion and many other things.

Why do people wear watches?

  • It is a fantastic accessory that makes people look more stylish and smarter.
  • They are suitable as people can keep track of time. 
  • They are an incredible work of art and craftsmanship. It takes a lot of work to make a watch with all the stunning details and designs. Wearing it indeed makes someone look more sophisticated. 
  • Watches present the basis of simplicity.
  • They also radiate exclusiveness.
  • Watches can be a source of a fantastic antique piece.
  • They are less deflecting as most people use their phones to check the time, and it might cause a diversion, so watches are a better option.
  • Watches offer more reliability.
  • Wearing watches is often seen as a feature of a successful or a serious person. 
  • Wearing watches implies punctuality. 
  • Watches give a more professional and perfect look. 

How to pair up bracelets with a Watch? 

  • Choosing the right type of Bracelet and Watch- The Bracelet and watch should look good together. They should be matched in a way that makes them sync and perfect with each other. For example, the material of the bracelet and the watch or the strap of both should be similar. 
  • Matching the colour of the bracelet with the watch- The colour contrast of both the bracelet and the watch should be the same or at least close to each other. 
  • Only one of the accessories should be fancy and flashy- Only one of the accessories on the wrist should be showy and flashy. A person should wear only one accessory that would catch the eye. 
  • The number of bracelets worn is also necessary – The first and foremost thing that comes while considering the number of bracelets is that the size. If the bracelets are thin in structure, then the numbers of bracelets can be more than one. So, in this case, multiple bracelets can be worn with a watch. 
  • But one should avoid wearing too many bracelets- Too much of anything is bad. So one should keep in mind that not too many bracelets are on their wrists as they are already wearing a watch. The maximum number of bracelets that someone should wear should not be more than 3. 
  • Out of both the accessories only, the wristwatch should be dazzling- As mostly the watch amplifies the overall look of the bracelets. As a result, it is better for the watch to be shinier. 
  • The bracelets and watches should be worn the nearest to the hand- A person should never wear a watch with bracelets on both sides. The sequence should be in such a way that the bracelet is the closest to the hand.
  • Metal or Bead bracelets are the best- Pairing a metal or bead bracelet with a watch would give a sharper look.  A sharp look is quite important for someone attending a formal gathering or a meeting. 
  • Rugged or rope bracelets for men for an informal look- Men should definitely go for jagged or rope-like bracelets for a casual look. 
  • Bean or Charm bracelets will work for an informal look on a woman- Although informal wear will match nicely with any type of bracelets. But alongside a watch but it will look best with bean or trinket bracelets. 
  • The Space between the Bracelet and the Watch is very important- some space between the bracelet and the watch is needed for it to be highlighted. 
  • One should go for smaller bracelets- Rather than going for big oversized bracelets, a person should wear small bracelets. Doing this would actually make them look good.
  • The size of the bracelet and watch should be perfect – The bracelet should not be too tight or too loose; it should be of the perfect size. 

Why wearing a watch with a bracelet might be a No-no? 

Although wearing the bracelet and watch on the same wrist might help someone deliver a cool, calm and stylish look. There might be times where it might not be appropriate to put the two accessories on the same wrist. Some of the cons of wearing the bracelet and watch on the same wrist include:

  • The bracelet and the watch, at times, each deserves sole recognition.
  • When worn together, they might lose their distinctiveness. 
  • Wearing a watch and a bracelet might cause Friction between the watch and the bracelets. The stones present in the bracelet might, in turn, result in scratching of the bracelet and/or the watch.
  • The watch’s clasp might get entwined with the bracelet, and some stones of the bracelet might get lost in the process. 


Although there might be some cons of wearing the bracelets with a watch, the pros are far greater. Every accessory exists to make a person look prettier and more fashionable. Following the tips and tricks described above of pairing up bracelets with a watch might help provide an elegant and smart look. But of course, another vital thing is creativity and confidence, which would give an ideal look. 

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