How to use Triberr

How you use something determines if you’re going to have success with it.

If you’re good at using a gun, you won’t have a problem finding something for dinner!

The same concept works hand in hand in utilizing social media.

Triberr has brought to the social media world a sense of community and  has given us a greater chance to get our content shared across the social media world.

Should you know how to use Triberr effectively, you can get the world out of it!

Here’s how I do it and how you can follow!

I joined as many tribes as possible.

Tribes make up the core function of Triberr. While saying Triberr, even its name has the word “Tribe” in it!

As we talk more about Triberr, Triberr is a community made up of smaller tribes. All of the people on there are apart of some tribe.

At the very beginning your job is to weave into any tribe. For me the beginning was a slow process to get into any; that was back then when Triberr was getting bigger.

Maybe now it has gotten easier to get into tribes. Nevertheless, if it is still hard for someone to get into one, I have a plan that you can follow.

I was very active on Facebook and Twitter at the time (I still am) and was sure some of my connections were already using Triberr. I contacted a few them on Facebook and asked if they were tribe owners.

Another way I found to join a tribe is to get in contact with the chief. Start communicating with him and while in conversation with him, stick it in there that you are interested in joining his tribe.

How to find out who is the chief of a tribe, go to a tribe.


Select “Members”

Identify a column that says “Role” and the chief will be listed in the very first row. In this case, Erik is the chief of this tribe.

I created an enticing profile.

First impression is the key since it is usually the very last one on the Internet.

It’s very easy for one to turn away and click to another website.

That’s why I advise every social media profile you have created display unique graphics as well as the profile descriptions are full of your complete information.

Give people a reason to follow and in our case, share your content on Triberr.

For my profile, I made sure I added my own “header” image.

If you own a blog or site, the logo of your brand will give them the first, right impression about what you do.

It also gives you the “unique” look that attracts the others.

The second “look” aspect I would optimize for my profile would be your stats, reach, and the number of connections.

I know this something you can’t control directly, but overtime this will become a very important indicator whether they follow and share.

Keep sharing and asking around to join more tribes and the numbers will slowly go up.

The last thing to do is fill out your description and connect all of your social media accounts. (Description should be as long and descriptive as possible.)

Participated in tribe Discussions.

As long as there is a group involved, discussion is a mighty presence.

Nothing shows more activity when someone is actively involved in conversation. That’s the same way as it goes for a forum or a Google+ community.

Remember, engagement is going to take you farther than any other activity on the Internet.

As you comment and engage with other tribe members, you are building reputation.

At the same time you are also building “awareness”. Engagement raises more “awareness” for your image which is a perfect substance to add to your sharing strategy.

Every time they see your face now in the stream, they won’t be so unusually fast to skip your post. Recognizing your face from all of the discussions you participated in, they will be like, “Ouhh, I know that guy!”

I Comment on the articles in Triberr.

With the new design that Triberr rolled with recently, I am seeing more commentary and opinions added to the comments area of each post int he stream.

Dedicated a space to right of the screen, the column of  “Live Conversations” are comments posted on each article.

If you’re looking to become an active Triberr user, you should be considering this panel right now.

Remember this, wherever you are, you’re trying to build “self-awareness” alongside the powerful action of engagement.

My initial strategy was to read, share, and comment on at least five articles a day.

That didn’t last too long!

I got a hold of about three or two articles a day instead, which was still something being done rather than nothing.

Along with the other handful of discussions I was a part of, I made time to read, comment, and share some of the articles in the Triberr stream.

Many will take notice of your activity. In return they might take a peek of your profile to see who you really are.

On a surprising note, not too many replied to my comments. But that’s ok because we are “well-aware” of the other significant factors that we just discussed.


Share, everyday, a handful of Articles from the Triberr stream.

Bottom line if you don’t share, you won’t get shares.

If you want something done for you, you will need to do something for them first.

Sharing is the whole key to working with Triberr. Sharing other’s content to your social media profiles will get you the shares and results from using Triberr correctly.

From my observations content on Triberr gets shared the most to Twitter. Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn are some of the other sites that content gets shared too but not so much.

Nothing like Twitter!

Starting from this point forward was my little system I created that helped me share as much as I could from Triberr. You can use this system for yourself and have confidence that you will see some excellent results like I did!

Step #1

Look for an article and select “Manually Share”

Step #2

Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook – We will use Buffer for that. In the meantime don’t forget to share to Google+

Step #3

Click the Twitter icon to share to the rest of our intended social media profiles (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)

Step #4

Click on Buffer

All of this can be easily done by making sure you setup an account with Buffer and connected the appropriate social media profiles.

Fill up your Buffer account everyday with the articles you share from Triberr.

Doing this everyday has given me a big chance to accomplish all of my sharing that I wanted to do.


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