How to uninstall Microsoft launcher from android phone

Android has a modern feature that you can substitute the stock app launcher with other third-party alternatives. If you have figured out that Microsoft launcher is not suitable for you, uninstalling it from your android phone will be the best option. 

How to Turn Off Microsoft Launcher on Android

You may not find Microsoft Launcher interesting after installing it on your Android device. You can not just uninstall it like other Android apps. First, you have to turn off the Microsoft Launcher in order to uninstall it. Turning it off is not built-in as it should be, but it is easy. 

Turn Off Microsoft Launcher from App Info

Step 1: Find and press for almost 15 seconds on the Microsoft Launcher icon. You will see a box that will appear above it. Choose the right-arrow > to see more options. Select App info.

Step 2:  You will see the App info screen. Now scroll down and select Set as default.

Step 3: Then press the button Clear defaults.

Step 4: Go back to your home screen when the following says the screen will say No defaults set.

Step 5:  Your phone would ask you to pick up a Home app now. Select the one you want to set and then select Always. It will take you back to your original launcher.

What is Microsoft Launcher?

Microsoft Launcher is designed to assist Android in integrating into the Microsoft ecosystem. Microsoft Launcher will not make your device look like Windows 10. The Microsoft Launcher evolves itself in complete usefulness. It will provide a highly customizable user interface to incorporate into your workflow of Microsoft apps. It allows users to resume tasks left off on either device. 

Users can get a timeline feature from Windows 10, which is a convenient feature. The ‘Glance’ screen has tons of services synced in with the Windows PC, including the Sticky Notes and the Calender. A person who has to take notes on the move can update the notes with a swipe is a notable feature. A news section feature is available as well. The news section users get by Google when the user right swipes on your home screen. 

Backup Microsoft Launcher Settings

You will identify the settings and layout you like after using Microsoft Launcher for a while. You can back up these settings onto the cloud in case you want to use this experience again. You can also save time while setting up a new device or want to return to a previous layout. Microsoft Launcher backs up many things such as settings, wallpaper, icon layout, and so on.  If you have a backup, you don’t need to configure your home screen settings from the beginning. 

Step 1:  Press 15 seconds and hold the home screen. Then open the Microsoft Launcher Settings.

Step 2:  Select Back up & Restore.

Step 3: Press the Back up Microsoft Launcher option.

Step 4: You can store it in the local storage settings. Ensure to make a Backup to cloud storage option as it is more secured. 

Step 5: Select the Backup button.

Step 6: Look over the settings you want to backup.

Step 7: Press the Back up now button to proceed with the backup process.

Once you’ve finalized the steps, your screen layout, wallpaper, personalization, icon packs, contacts, app folders, and other settings will be backed up to your Microsoft account. 

Turn Off Microsoft Launcher from the Home Screen

Step 1: Long press on the background of the home page. Press until you observe the changes. 

Step 2: Near the bottom-right, select Launcher Settings.

Step 3: Scroll down to Advanced settings.

Ste 4: Tap Switch to another launcher on the Advanced settings screen.

Step 5: Choose a different Home app and then tap Just Once or Always. Select Just Once to switch back to Microsoft Launcher automatically while restarting the device. Then Select Always if you’re going to use the other launcher from now on.

Should I Uninstall Microsoft Launcher Now?

Microsoft Launcher comes with loads of great features. However, it has several drawbacks. Users can’t switch apps with the Microsoft launcher unless you have an exclusive button for it. For people on Android 9, when users try to launch into recent apps using the default gestures, a weird glitch freezes the screen. 

Besides, you may still notice it doing things like giving you notifications after turning off Microsoft Launcher. If you feel it irritating, it’s probably ideal for uninstalling Microsoft Launcher completely. Back up your Microsft Launcher settings, move along with uninstalling the Microsoft Launcher app.

Step 1: Select the Microsoft Launcher app and long press on it. Select Uninstall once you see the options box opens. 

Step 2: The settings will ask you to confirm that you want to uninstall the app. Tap OK.

Step 3: When the Uninstalled Microsoft Launcher message appears, any remaining unwanted effects of the launcher will be gone.

How Do I Restore My Microsoft Launcher Settings?

Once you’ve backed up Microsoft Launcher, you can restore it on your other Android device. You can also restore your settings on the same device by following a reset. 

Step 1: Long press on the background and hold your home screen. Press until you notice a change. You will see a page with options to add widgets, change your wallpaper, or launcher settings.

Step 2: Tap Launcher Settings. You have another option to reach the page by clicking on Launcher in the app drawer. 

Step 3: Scroll down and select Back up and restore.

Step 4: Press Restore Microsoft Launcher.

Step 5: You can select between restoring from local storage or cloud storage. Select the one that relates to your backup. Select Restore.

Step 6: If you have multiple backups, pick the backup you’d like to restore and press Restore.

Step 7: Tap Restore Now.

Step 8: Press Confirm in order to ensure that you want to replace the current layout.

Step 9: After that, a Downloading backup progress bar will appear. 

Step 10: Once the download is finished, the phone will update. After that, you will get back to your home screen with all of your previous settings in place.

How Do I Install Microsoft Launcher on Android?

You might be surprised to see this part Installing Microsoft Launcher at the end of the article. But it’s here because people frequently ask for it in case they need it again. 

Step 1: Go to the Microsoft Launcher Page on Google Play. Tap Install. It will download and undergo the primary installation.

Step 2: You will see a Welcome to Microsoft Launcher screen when the initial install completes. You can view the introductory slideshow or skip it and select Get started to proceed. 

Step 3: The phone will ask if you want to share data with Microsoft. We usually recommend with Not now but it is your choice. 

Step 4: Now it seeks your permission to access the device’s location. If you want Microsoft Launcher to get access to your location, choose to Allow only while using the app. Remember that you’ll always be using the app as it’s a launcher.

Step 5: Select Allow when it asks for access to photos, media, and files on your device for the best performance. 

Step 6: Tap Continue. You can select between your current wallpaper or a new wallpaper from Microsoft Bing every day. 

Step 7: Next, choose to Continue if you like the setup. Otherwise, you can select to continue with your current app set up on your home screen or Customise

Step 8: You can apply the default account for your phone. You can also select Add a work or school account if you use Microsoft products heavily at work or school. Or else, press Let’s go and skip to step 10.

Step 9: If you select to add a work account, do that here. It’ll appear if it’s already on your phone. If not, press Add a new account and follow the prompts.

Step 10: Now you can operate Microsoft Launcher as your default launcher. Select Don’t show again, then tap Set as default.

Step 11: Your phone will ask you to set a Home app. Select Microsoft Launcher and Always.

After finishing the above steps, Microsoft Launcher is installed and configured on your phone. 


Deleting Microsoft Launcher is a straightforward process from your Android phone. However, the only caution is that the uninstall won’t be accessible until you switch to another launcher. 

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