How to Remove Prime Updater you need to know

how to remove prime updater

 How to remove prime updater

“Prim Up”, more commonly known as Prime Updater. The Prime Updater is a program that runs in the background with Windows. It usually comes with a package of free programs when downloaded from the Internet. It is a deceptive application that deludes to be a software updater, but it invades a user’s privacy without his/her knowledge. It comes in popups and ads in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and other various internet browsers. This is quite harmful and should be removed immediately. 

  • How was Prime Updater Installed on My Computer?

    At first, we need to know how Prime Updater made its way to the devices we use. Many developers use misleading marketing for prime updaters to be installed. The method known as ‘Bundling’ deceives the users during an installation or a download procedure. The developers hide these bundled applications under the Customs or Advanced Settings. Many users fall prey to this as many skip the required steps while downloading something from the Internet. 

  • Why and how is Prime Updater harmful to our devices?

    Prime Updater affects our devices in numerous ways. One of the worst things it does is it interferes with a user’s privacy without their consent. It shows unwanted popup ads in browsers and also redirects web pages. This adware contamination fills our web browsers with in-text links, banners which makes our devices slow. The main drawback is that they connect themselves automatically to the Internet and run in the background. They usually update themselves on their own. However, prime updaters are not viruses that do not necessarily mean it’s something worthwhile. It hampers the smooth operation of a device, so it gets tougher to get work done. 


Since Prime Update has adverse effects, it should be removed as early as possible. Prime Updater can remove from any device by performing the following steps: 

From Windows XP and 7:

  1. First Click on Start Button
  2. Then select Control Panel
  3. Choose Add or Remove Programs 
  4. Select Prime Updater 
  5. Click Uninstall

From Windows 8:

  1. Select Menu.
  2. Then click Search.
  3. Then select Apps.
  4. Click Control Panel.
  5. Click Uninstall a Program under Programs.
  6. Find Prime Updater
  7. Click Uninstall.

From Windows 10:

  1. Start with a Right-click on the Start button.
  2. Then choose Programs and Features from Menu.
  3. Find Prime Updater.
  4. Then click Uninstall.

From Internet Browsers-

Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome browser
  2. Type In the address box type or can also copy-paste chrome://extensions/.
  3. Search Prime Updater extension.
  4. Then click the trash can icon to get rid of it.

Internet Explorer

  1. Start Internet Explorer.
  2. Click in the top-right corner on the gear icon.
  3. From the menu, select Manage Add-ons.
  4. Click Toolbars and Extensions.
  5. Then Click Disable Prime Updater.

Mozilla Firefox 

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox browser.
  2. Copy or paste or type In address box about addons.
  3. Select Prime Updater extension.
  4. Click Disable or Remove button.

Some other ways to get rid of Prime Updater

  1. Using Krill for the termination of suspicious programs.
  2. Using Malwarebytes Antimalware to Scan for Malware and Unwanted Programs.
  3. To remove adware from a computer, one can use AdwCleaner. 
  4. Using HitmanPro to scan your computer for badware.
  5. To find outdated and vulnerable programs Running Secunia PSI will be helpful.

What is Rkill, and how does it work?

Rkill is an antivirus Windows program designed to terminate active malware and other viruses. Bleeping Computer, LLC, developed it. It is also safe if the authentic version can be accessed. It is also quite effective in terminating the deadly virus ‘Trojan Virus’.  Rkill works when we run the rkill.exe file. When a command window pops up, it means RKill is running and killing malicious items on your device. 

What is AdwCleaner, and is it effective? 

AdwCleaner is another freeware tool well known for removing spyware and adware. It finds terminates Adware, Toolbars and Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP) from a device. It helps the user have a better experience in using the device.  

What are Malwarebytes and their functions?

Malwarebytes is a well-reputed anti-malware program. The program detects and removes malware and other dangerous software. It was initially founded in January 2006 and has developed many remarkable features. Although the free version has limited features, it still is quite effective in deleting malicious content. But the paid version has the option for automatic updates along with the ability to terminate ransomware. It can also detect detrimental apps and has scheduled scans with real-time web and file protection. So, it can be used to protect one’s privacy and device. 

Hitman Pro and its Features

HitmanPro, developed by SurfRight B.V, is an antivirus program. It supports the securities of devices and detects and removes malware. This only provides a paid service. In any case, it is quite significant in terms of interface and usability. This provides a free version but only for 30 days, after which one has to pay for its service. But this is worth the price. The best way to use HitmanPro is by combining it with an antivirus program. So, to be safe from any harmful content like Prime Updater, using HitmanPro might prove to be quite beneficial.  

How do you find if your device is infected or not?

  • If your device makes random sounds.
  • When there are unexpected popup windows quite often.
  • Your device operates slowly. 
  • Unable to download and install antivirus programs.
  • Getting unexpected images etc. 

What should you do to avoid such issues?

  • Use an effective antivirus program.
  • Scan for viruses now and then.
  • Download and install accurate versions of apps rather than pirated versions. 
  • Be careful when browsing the Internet and downloading. 


Every problem has a solution, no matter how complicated the problem is. So, this problem of prime updater also can be removed if the necessary steps are taken. If someone follows all the steps described above, it will help them get off the prime updater and other types of malware.

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