How to Make Skype screen share less laggy: No Difficulity

how to make skype screen share less laggy


Skype has become a necessary social platform to interface with customers, clients, business partners, and employees worldwide. The screen sharing feature authorizes a person to share the contents on his screen with your contacts. However, this feature sometimes lags if the computer doesn’t fulfill the required requirements to apply it. If your computer meets the specification, the problem might be on the contact’s end. 

Why Screen Share Lag

A slow internet connection may be the main reason that causes screen share lag on Skype. But computer software, a busy network, or firewall settings may also be culprits. A few Antivirus software can also cause lags, while your insufficient memory would be another reason. 

Recommended Bandwidth

The work you do on the internet relies on the speed of your connection or simply bandwidth. Skype defines that screen sharing requires a minimum download and upload speeds. It suggests a higher speed connection for the best performance while sharing your screen.  For example, Skype recommends 1.5 Mbps while sharing HD video. 

Minimum Recommended
Download Speed 128 Kbps 300 kbps
Upload Speed 128  kbps 300 kbps


System Requirements

Your computer’s hardware might still struggle with skype though the internet connection is up to par. Skype support suggests hardware with at least 51 MB of RAM and a processor speed of 1 GHz or more and DirectX 9 or higher to run Skype optimally. Your computer has to meet these network and hardware requirements to screen share without lags. 

Other programs

Close any open applications that use the Internet and stop any downloads as they can cause lags. Similarly, skype can hang back if your computer’s hardware is under pressure from other running programs. Consider closing the programs that don’t use the internet will free up computer resources. It will result in the smooth operation of screen sharing on Skype. 

Confirm that Skype has Screen Recording access on macOS

MacOS’ recent versions authorize users’ control over the websites and apps allowed to record Mac’s screen. If you are unable to share your Mac’s screen during a skype call with others, it might be because of the limited Skype access. You should check the privacy settings if you face this type of problem. Click on the Apple icon on the top left corner of your Mac screen to give Skype access to recording screens. Select System Preferences and tap Security & Privacy > Privacy. Choose the ‘Screen Sharing’ tab from the left sidebar and check the box next to Skype. It will allow you to record your screen and won’t lag while sharing the screen. 

Understand whether your device supports Screen-sharing

You have to ensure that the service for screen sharing supports the device you use for Skype. The following listed devices are supported by Skype for using Screen-sharing: 

  • Android: Any phones and tablets operating Android 6.0 or above.


  • iOS: iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch devices that run iOS 12 or latest versions. These include the launched devices after the iPhone 6s, iPad mini 2019, iPad Air 2, and iPod Touch 7th generation. 

Check if Screen Sharing Button is grayed out.

Sometimes the screen sharing button inside Skype is visible, but clicking on it doesn’t yield anything. It happens if the screen share button grays out. For screen sharing to work, it is required to be on an active voice or video call on Skype. Find the person you want to call and click on the audio or video icon near the contact’s name to start a call. 

Use a compatible web browser to make Skype for Web calls

Skype officially supports the following two web browsers for screen sharing features. Make sure that you have one of these to get a better screen sharing feature for web calls. 

  • Microsoft Edge based on Chromium
  • Google Chrome version 72 or higher

Know that you can either share video or screen 

Google Chrome only allows users to share their camera’s feed at the same time as sharing a screen with others during a skype call. So if you want to video call another person, you should keep in mind that you can not use screen share. If you try, it will result in lags on Skype. So turn the camera off to share your screen. 

Close the Skype and Restart it 

When an app does not work correctly, you should temporarily close it to clear all the temporary files that it creates on your system. This might be enough to make your app perform appropriately again. So if your screen share on Skype lags or doesn’t work, force-close all the app and then start it back again. 

 Ensure there aren’t any file transfers in progress

Ongoing file transfers on your device locally and over the internet cloud can make your Skype screen share feature laggy. It happens because the ongoing programs on your computer or smartphones need resources in storage and processing so. The existing extra load like a file transfer on the system can also delay the progress of Screen sharing on skype. 


Skype has come up with fantastic video and voice calling features. But it becomes more of a trouble than satisfaction while facing lag and stutter. Hopefully, the solution given above will be beneficial if you encounter such problems while screen sharing on Skype.

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