How To Delete Bookmarks On Mac

How To Delete Bookmarks On Mac

Every user should know the basics about the product they’re using. The more they know about what they’re using, the more efficient and effective the work flow becomes. 

Talking about that, a bookmark is easy to create. But not everybody knows how to remove them. Today we’ll learn how to do that in this article. Not only that, we’ll get to know all about bookmarks, how to create or remove them on different platforms. So keep reading! 

  • What Is A Bookmark?

The sole purpose of a bookmark is to mark a place. May It be a book or a website. Traditionally, a bookmark is a piece of paper or a strip of leather to mark a page on a book someone’s reading. So the next time one tries to read the book, they get a quick access to that one page they left off from.

In the world of computers, a bookmark means to save the link to a certain website or file. So that one can quickly access that website later. Suppose you liked an article from a website. You’re reading but you got to do something important and you wish to read the article later. In that case, you can easily bookmark that website on your device. So the next time you want to read that article, you’re just one tap away from that. But after you’re done reading the article, you’d want to delete the bookmark as it’s not necessary to keep that bookmark anymore. So just in case you don’t know how to, we’ll let you know-  

  • How To Delete Bookmarks On Mac

May it be creating or deleting a bookmark on Mac, it totally depends on the internet browser you are using. There are different methods for different browsers. Today we’ll learn to delete bookmarks from the most used internet browsers on a MacBook. These browsers are- Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome. We’ll learn the methods of deleting a bookmark from all three of these browsers today. 

  • Deleting Bookmarks In Safari

Follow the steps below to delete a bookmark in Safari-

  1. Launch Safari on your device. 
  2. After the window opens, click on the sidebar icon. It’s located on the top-left side. This will open all the bookmarks you’ve created on the browser. 
  3. After opening the sidebar, click on the bookmark icon. It looks like an open book. 
  4. Control click (ctrl+left click) on the bookmarks you want to remove. 
  5. Select Delete

And just like that, you just learnt to delete Bookmarks on Safari. 

  • Delete Bookmarks In Firefox

Follow the steps below to delete bookmarks on Firefox-

  1. Open Firefox on your computer. 
  2. On the top-right side of the browser window, you can see a books icon. Click on it. 
  3. On the left side of your screen, a sidebar will pop up. At the top of the sidebar, you can see “Bookmarks“. Click on it. 
  4. Locate and Control click the bookmarks you wish to delete. 
  5. Select Delete. 

Here you’ve learnt to delete bookmarks from Firefox. 

  • Delete Bookmarks In Google Chrome 

Follow the steps below-

  1. On your device, launch Chrome. 
  2. From the top menu, click on Bookmarks.
  3. Click Bookmark manager.
  4. Locate and Control Click the Bookmark you wish to remove. 
  5. Select Delete. 

Note: To delete multiple bookmarks at once, hold the Command key while selecting bookmarks. Once you’re done, control click and select delete. 

A command key is also known as the windows key or start key. 

  • Why Delete Bookmarks?

Deleting bookmarks can help you organize things easily. Suppose you bookmarked a website months ago but you don’t need to visit that website anymore. So keeping that bookmark would be simply unnecessary. If you delete such unwanted bookmarks, then the ones that you need will be easy to access. Also, it’ll help free up some cached data.  As a result, you can keep things tidy and organised. 

  • Final Thoughts 

If you’re an organized person and like your things easy to access, deleting bookmarks can be helpful to you. 

Reading this article, now you know how to remove unnecessary bookmarks from your MacBook. This is a simple and basic task any MacBook user can do in order to keep things organized. 

One thing you should remember, each browser has their own bookmarks. So if you want to delete bookmarks, you have to do it individually from each web browser. 

Bookmarks will last until you delete them manually. So even 9f you don’t delete them, they’ll stay. But keeping unnecessary bookmarks would only use up server space. So if you wanna contribute to save up the mass server storage, you can do it by deleting your unnecessary bookmarks, photos, files etc. 

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