How to create new Virtual Machine in Windows Azure

In this article I will give you an idea about the installation process of Windows Azure virtual machines.

you need to navigate to Windows Azure Management portal and click on +NEW sign located at the bottom left corner.

Select the Virtual machine option from the list and you have to choose an option between “Quick Create” and “From Gallery”.


Galley provides some wide range of operating system list where you can find Linux and Ubuntu servers too.


Choose any of the operating environment and click on NEXT arrow.

Next screen will allow you to set the Virtual Machine name, Login credential and the size of the Virtual Machine.


After that you need to set up the virtual machine mode. This section will allow you to set a custom DNSfor that virtual machine and the storage account. The region specifies where your Virtual machine will belongs to. After setting all the option, Click on Next arrow.


Next screen will allow you to set the availability set. Availability set defines the secondary instance and if your primary virtual machine fails than this availability set will be available for the service at any time.

When you click the next arrow, Windows Azure starts provisioning your Virtual machine. Provisioning mean setting up the storage account and installing virtual operating system on the disk. Just wait for 4 to 5 mins and your virtual machine will be up for the service.

To manage the virtual machine you will need a remote desktop connection. You don’t need to worry about this thing, just click the connect button located at the lower bar and your remote desktop connection will be started automatically.


So here you go, you have successfully installed Virtual machine on Windows Azure. If you got stuck somewhere please let me know through the comment box.


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