How does Google Voice work?

How does Google Voice work?

Google Voice is an Internet Protocol phone service founding in 2009. The user can use the service to make and receive Phone calls and send text messages. He can also use it to forward calls from one number to another number, so anyone can easily manage all of his communication from a phone.

Because of using Google Voice:

A Google Voice phone number can be the final number the user ever needs. This phone service is accurate for merging many communication processes into one place and it is numerous additional characteristics.

  • Taking and making calls from Gmail:

By using the Gmail account service, one can make calls for free to the Canada and U.S. The user calls from which number the person on the other side will not identify and may not pick up that call. With Google Voice, any call he makes from the Gmail account service will display as his Google Voice number.

  • Getting free unlimited texts:

Unlimited free chatting includes the Google Voice service. If the user prefers texting from his phone, he can do it by the Google Voice app. He can also text either through Google Voice Chrome or the Google Voice website.

One of the text outlook bonuses on Google Voice is that he will not lose his text messages if he needs to reset his phone or get an another one. He can query the archive of his texts online; he may need to track down any information.

  • Forwarding all calls to one number:

The user’s Google Voice number gives him to forward his calls to any other voice numbers. This comes in proficiently getting a new phone or switch its carriers. All the user has to do being get a unique mobile phone number, forward his Google Voice number to this number, or deliver it to his old phone number. Google can also transfer his subsisting phone number to Google Voice, so he does not need to share it with everyone.

  • Transcribing voicemails:

The user has the choice to read the text or listen to the transcribing it to the voicemail. This is an excellent outlook who need to designate if a voicemail is valuable enough to cover a conference or for people who do not like listening to voicemails.

  • Recording calls:

Google Voice gives the user to record calls and to stop and start recording call through the touch button. At any time, he can simply entries the recordings online. This feature is an incredible for urgent interviews and meetings that happen over the phone. They can save and reference whenever required.

  • Simply switching phones:

A unique outlook of Google Voice service is that switching phones mid-call. He needs to click the star key, and other telephones he has connected to his Google Voice will ring, and he can pick up any of them.

Google Voice working process:

The service works above a broadband connection to connect to his home or office network; it will work well. When he signs up for the first time, he can use his phone number to port to the service or get his own. He will need to input his area code and pick the phone number if he chooses the latter. 

If he cares about the phone number’s digits, he can input his desired digits and see if they are available. Once he has his phone number, he can create his voicemail message. He can then start making calls from his phone or his computer. He can also use the service to send and receive text messages.

When he gets a voicemail in Google Voice, he will access it in the app and get a transcript sent to his email. When he receives a call, especially if he has his Google Voice forwarded to his cell phone, he will hear an alert calling the Google Voice number. He will then have the option of answering or not. And if he decides to call back, he can choose to have his Google number display on the user’s caller ID instead of his Android device or iPhone’s number.

That’s perfectly fine if he wants to have his number ring to numerous devices. It’s convenient in corporate settings, where numerous people may want to answer the company’s line.


As Google Voice is a VoIP service, it works exclusively over the Internet. But that also means that wherever a user has an Internet connection, he can access the service make calls, send text messages, and more. Best of all, he only needs a microphone and speaker to use Google, so whether he decides to make and place calls on his laptop or his smartphone, it will work fine.


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