Crucial Importance Of Employee Training

Training of employees is done with the concern to increase the skills and knowledge of the employees for performing specific jobs. Training is an organized activity and it enables the employees to do particular jobs effectively and efficiently. There is a lot of importance of employee training and helps employees to get technical knowledge and learn new skills to perform specific jobs. For existing as well as new employees the importance of training is equal. The new employees get acquainted with the job with the help of training and the old employees learn new skills as well as master the current job.

What are the objectives of employee training?

The objectives are set according to the importance of employee training and they are:

  • Providing job related knowledge to the workers
  • Imparting skills to the workers systematically so that they learn quick
  • Bringing change in the attitudes of workers towards the fellow workers, superiors and organization
  • Improving the worker’s productivity and the organizations
  • Make the workers handle materials, machines and equipment efficiently and check wastage of time and resources
  • Reducing the number of accidents through safety training provided to workers
  • Allow workers the opportunity for promotion by imparting advanced skills to them.

Importance of employee training

There is a lot of importance of employee training in every organization. Let us discuss the factors leading to the need of employee training.

High productivity- For meeting the competition in the market and increasing ROI it is important to increase the productivity. Efficient workers due to effective training help in increasing the productivity and through training necessary skills and techniques are imparted to them.

Improvement of quality- Today the customers demand for quality and they have become quality conscious. Their requirements keep on changing. In order to satisfy them, the quality of the products and services has to be improved continuously through employee training.

Learning time reduction- The trained instructors through systematic training helps to reduce the training time of the employees. Learning through trial and error takes a lot of time and the workers may not be able to learn the right thing from this.

Industrial Safety- Machines can be handled more safely by the trained workers. They are also aware of using the safety devices through the training. Thus there is fewer occurrences of accidents in the organization.

Technology update- The importance of employee training also lies in the fact that the workers have to be trained for technology updates. Learning new technologies is required to be competitive in the market and therefore technology update is important through training.

Effective management- Employee training also helps in planning and control. The workers get knowledge for handling the present and future jobs. The cost of supervision is reduced and industrial accidents and wastage are also reduced. The productivity and quality of the organization is increased and this helps organization achieving its goals.


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