Complete Facts regarding SEO [Infographic]

Search Engine optimization – SEO – seems like alchemy to the uninitiated. But there’s a science to it. SEO is not just thing to do, its the task you must perform. The common 3 methods of SEO is White Hat, Black Hat and Gray Hat. The tasks in each the category defines the categories as White Hat SEO is pure and legal where as Black Hat SEO is not acceptable by search engines if you get caught. Tthe major role of SEO to drive unwanted internet surfers to drive across your website and make them profitable users. It also helps to improve your ranking. If ranking improves, definitely you will get more amount of visitors as you will be on first on the search engine list.

Search engines reward pages with the right combination of ranking factors. Below, some major factors or “signals” you should seek to have.

SEO Periodic Table


The first thing to take care if you want to attract more random visitors and willing to make them lifetime subscribers, Write Genuine content. Your content should be consist of 5 Factors as described in the chart. Quality, Research, Words, Engage, Fresh.

The second thing is to make your website error free. Always check for any minor JavaScript error by enabling debugging tools in your browser. If any runtime error occurs, debug them fast otherwise Google wont like it much. You also need to make sure your page loads faster from all the location in the world. You can test it online through “Pingdom tools“.

You should not have too much of outbound links. To be clear, there are too type of links – Outbound : Links to the other site through your page. Inbound: Links to your site through other page. Your ratio of links should be 2:1 (inbound:outbound). SEO is done at daily basis so you should always consider hiring professionals to take care of your website. There are many seo london based expetrst which should be considered as priority.

Your reputation plays the important role in SEO. How social you are and how do you share your content, SEO considers all the parameters. Another thing, people will always trust if you are a authority website or your history is good.


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