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The whole process of sharing files used to be pretty hectic before. File transfer protocol apps used to be a must and people would share files through Emails for official purposes. However, size limits on attachments are bothersome. But in today’s world, file sharing is much easier. Google, Microsoft, Apple, Dropbox are some of the widely accepted platforms. There are also small companies offering online cloud storage options. 


In today’s article, we’ll learn about some of the best file-sharing platforms and the features they have to offer. 


Google Drive:

If you’re familiar with the Google ecosystem, you must have an idea about Google Drive. And even if you don’t use Google services, you should consider using Google Drive. Google Drive offers 15GB of free storage upon creating an account.


Other than the 15GB free plan, Google Drive is also available through a Google One plan. Businesses can sign up for a Google Workspace plan which includes certain services. They offer a 14-day free trial for business plans. 



If the topic is best file sharing platforms, Dropbox is a big player in the business market. By offering top-level security and management features, Dropbox is the first choice for most organizations. Its ability to create Microsoft Office or Google Docs files from within Dropbox is noteworthy. 


Dropbox offers a free plan that offers 2GB of storage in case you want to try before you buy. A 30-day free trial is also available for all business plans.



It’s impossible to talk about Dropbox without mentioning Box. Both services now offer collaboration and content management features along with top-level security. 


Box offers a free plan for individuals which includes 10GB of storage, a 250MB file upload limit, and the ability to share these files. Although the size limit seems a bit strict, the 10GB storage limit is worth it. Box’s business plans also offer a 14-day free trial.



SendBig is another file-sharing website that you can try. SendBig website servers are ISO 27001 certified and it’s located in Europe. 


SendBig offers you the chance to share up to 30GB of files for free. And the amazing part is that there is no limitation. You can transfer as much as you want each day. You can also share files with up to 100 people with only a single click! SendBig allows you to enjoy various professional features for free. 



iCloud offers 5GB of online storage for free with the simple gesture of creating an AppleID. Anyone owning a Mac, iPhone, or iPad is more likely to be taking advantage of these benefits.


iCloud can automatically back up folders. Backing up can quickly eat up the 5GB of free space. So iCloud users would upgrade to a paid account at $3 per month for 200GB.



OneDrive integrates well with Office 365 and Microsoft’s mobile apps. Like other platforms, it also offers real-time collaboration in Office documents. 


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