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Now a days we feel that for many languages like Hindi, entering text on PC is difficult. And there are many products and tools in market out there today through which we can enter text in hindi by any translation widget. But most products have some barrier – e.g. some require users to know a fixed transliteration scheme; some others allow free form transliteration, but work only on webpages etc.

But Microsoft peoples has made their efforts to create a tool that can bring translations to the desktop such that it can be used to enter text in any application on the PC, and that is a key focus of the Indic Language Input Tool.

Currently it support six languages – Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu.

language support

By using this tool you can enter text in Indic language in any webpages, you can download this tool in two different versions through

Some FAQ regarding Indic Language tool.

Q1 : How to Install Web version ?

Ans :

Select Language. language support

click on Install Web version Button . install web version

Follow the instructions according to your browser.

Q2 : How to install Desktop version ?

Ans :

Select Language.

Click on Install desktop version.install desktop version

Click on Install button and download the Setup.install now

Q3 : How to use it on desktop application.

Ans :

Do the following to use Microsoft ILIT in any application, such as Microsoft Wordpad or Windows Live messenger.

Open the application in which you would like to enter Indic text.

Change the language using the language bar, which typically appears in the taskbar as follows.

Language Bar

You can now start typing in English and whatever you type automatically gets transliterated after a word-breaking character like a space, comma, etc. is entered.

Note that this language setting is per application. You may have to repeat the steps above for each application you want to use Microsoft ILIT in.


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