5 Ways to Save Money and Energy

Usually, people like to associate high costs with saving energy. In these days going green does not require as much effort as it would have in the past. take a look at the following list of ways you can save energy.

  1. Automatically Turn off the Lights

People often develop a habit of leaving the lights, television or other electronic devices on while they are not in use. Perhaps the simplest way to save energy with minimal effort is to get in the habit of turning off items that are not being used. In addition, parents often pass on these habits to their children; by making turning off appliances and lights a family effort, it is possible to use significantly less energy. When all else fails, install timers on lights that are often left on. When no one is around, the lights will turn off by themselves.

  1. Efficiency Upgrades

All green experts agree that efficiency is a cornerstone of going green, and efficient items have never been easier to find. Window upgrades can be tremendously effective as modern windows are able to provide better insulation than older windows. In addition, modern appliances use far less electricity than older appliances; consider upgrading your appliances.

  1. New Lights

CFL lighting has become popular in recent years, and those who switch from incandescent lights to CFLs can save a significant amount of money while spending less on their lighting. Those who want the utmost in energy savings, however, may wish to consider LED lighting. While LED lighting is more expensive up front, many LED lights are rated to last for 20 years or longer. In addition, they use less energy than other lighting solutions.

  1. Conduct an Audit

Many of the best ways to save energy in your home may be counter intuitive, and there may be strategies you can employ that cannot be found in online guides. There are, however, experts who can help you determine ways to save energy by performing an audit. For most homes, the cost of this audit will be far less than the amount of money you can save over time, and those who follow the advice given by experts will be able to use considerably less energy.

  1. Save on Temperature Control

For those who live in warmer areas, using fans instead of the air conditioner may be effective at saving electricity, and doing so requires no effort. Another option many are taking advantage of is using programmable thermostats. These thermostats can allow homeowners to turn off their air conditioning or heating while nobody is at home and to automatically turn them back on before people arrive. Heating and cooling are essential in many parts of the country, but it is possible to save a significant amount of money while keeping your home comfortable.

There are various motivations for wanting to save energy. Some  want to save money while others want to help reduce the carbon dioxide that ends up in the atmosphere.


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