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Published on April 22nd, 2016 | by Rahul Vijay Manekari


How to get the best cheap dedicated servers?

How to know about the process of finding whether the dedicated server web hosting is right for you or not? If your website is performing the best and has surpassed the expectations, then an upgrade to a dedicated server is the best thing for you. You can also talk to your system administrator if he can tell about some best cheap dedicated servers to make a selection. Here are the important tips on deciding which dedicated servers are the best for you.

Does the cheap server hosting has an expert support team?

Knowing the hardware specification is important and it is also important to know that whether hosting services for cheap dedicated servers provide good support teams to assist you. It is really not expected if the server goes down and there is no one to talk or resolve the issues you have. Getting an expert team to resolve the issues 24X7 is important in the case of dedicated servers.

What is the guarantee offered for cheap dedicated servers?

Watch out for dedicated server web hosting companies which do not have a money back guarantee. Otherwise you sign up with a company and after two weeks you find that the website is inaccessible 20 percent of the time. With a money-back-guarantee it is possible to check out the service with no risk for you.

What is the level of server access you are getting?

It is better to select cheap dedicated servers with root access in them so that you can run them like your own machine. With root access it is possible to install applications and make modifications to services like php or apache. It is possible to modify your server to meet your demands when you get root access.

Is advanced dedicated server web hosting support offered?

Is there an advanced support offered by the dedicated server web hosting service for cheap dedicated servers for you? Is there any assistance offered with scripts or script installs? There can be issues which may have been caused by the plug-ins you have installed and troubleshooting them becomes necessary when required. Advanced support is needed in such cases but there can be extra charges for the advanced support offered. Be sure to check the support features offered by the dedicated server web hosting service to understand whether the advanced support is right for you or not.

Keep all under your budget

It can be easy to go over your budget when you use dedicated servers and therefore cheap dedicated servers are required in every case. The things which affect your server budget are hard drive disk storage, web traffic and application processes. Talking to the sales staff is also a good source of getting information to keep the costs under your budget.

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