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Faster way to book your IRCTC Tatkal Tickets through Proxy Servers

I bet, none of the other servers in the whole internet will be this much slow as IRCTC’s website at the peak timing. Indian government should award the person who successfully able to book tatkal tickets from IRCTC website within the time frame of 10AM to 11AM. Its too much of hassle for Indians to book tatkal tickets online as they end up with Internal server error or connection timeout errors. I will suggest you some tips to improve the speed to book your next tatkal ticket from IRCTC.

First of all lets talk why IRCTC sleeps at peak time : Service from Indian Government. low performance servers, No maintenance. Server is not able to handle more than 10k inbounds in 5 minutes as stated by government authority.

You will find some websites suggest to use autofill browsers plugins, no doubt, it will help in increasing speed of your booking. But what if the website doesn’t opens? You can only use this trick if you get rid of Internal server error or connection timeout errors.

The best method to speed up the process is by sensible use of Proxy servers. Follow these steps just 15 minutes before the IRCTC tatkal booking opening.

  • Get your IRCTC account ready.
  • Get your browser fill with autofill form plugins (I wont suggest that, and if you want, google it you will find the method)
  • Hunt for the faster Proxy server. Your proxy server should be Delhi Based. There are too many free proxy servers available. you just need to Google away. or here is the list.
  • Configure that proxy server in your browser. See below for the steps to set the proxy server in your Firefox browser.
  • Surf faster IRCTC.

Note : You need to choose faster proxy server so you must tryout different IPs and check your download speed through that proxy IP. I suggest you to perform all these steps prior an hour.

How to set the proxy IP in your Firefox Browser.

  • Step 1: Get one Delhi based Open Proxy IP from the link i stated above.
  • Step 2: Open Firefox
  • Step 3: Tools > Option.
  • Step 4: Go to Advance tab, click on Settings button on Connections option.
  • Step 5: Check the Manual Proxy Configuration radio button.
  • Step 6: Enter your Proxy IP and port in HTTP Proxy field.
  • Step 7: Click Ok and Exit the Settings window.
  • Step 8: check your download speed from the same browser.
  • Step 9: if download speed is not satisfying, Goto Step 1 and hunt for another proxy IP until you find the faster one.

After all these work, surf IRCTC and you will get faster response. Do let me know if you need further help.

EDIT (7/7/2013) – Choosing a proxy server may be risky, but you are not suppose to choose an open insecure proxy, this may be bad for your financial transaction. For the secure proxy route, you can use your friend’s PC sitting at Delhi with high internet connection.

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76 Responses to Faster way to book your IRCTC Tatkal Tickets through Proxy Servers

  1. prasath says:

    Tried it. but couldn’t see any difference out of it.

  2. premji says:


    Did it occur to you? how insecure using a proxy is. A proxy can capture all fields, take snapshots, even redirect to fake websites.

    I hope you will update your post with a disclaimer at the top, so layman has some idea about the ramifications of using a proxy.


  3. Test Man says:

    How can one be sure that proxy server cannot read the bank details and other user id and password details?

  4. dsp says:

    I think, nothing to do with proxy, if server is busy, simply it would take time to process your request and send u response.

  5. strings says:

    what if someone creates a tunnel for the ssl or fake the ssl itself… won’t whether ssl is between irctc and user or between proxy and user. In the lator case proxy will be able to decrypt the channel and capture all data and then forward the request to irctc server???
    everyone plz dont use proxy. your payment details will b captured and hacked.

  6. strings says:

    what if someone creates a tunnel for the ssl or fake the ssl itself… won’t know whether ssl is between irctc and user or between proxy and user. In the lator case proxy will be able to decrypt the channel and capture all data and then forward the request to irctc server???
    everyone plz dont use proxy. your payment details will b captured and hacked.

  7. DEEPAK says:

    i try so many time but not do that

  8. AMIR says:

    i”ll try it out but as i think irctc servers r not in delhi they r in nearby nasik or pune m nt sure bt i hear it from someone

  9. shyam says:

    plz contact

  10. manish says:

    All u do when u configure proxy is that u try to enter irctc network from different network which could be less congested. irctc is hosted with railtel which has limited internet upstream providers. The morning hours like 8:00 or 10:00 is lean period from internet provider perspective and hence is not much useful when u opt for proxy method.
    REMEMBER: if you have internet from good ISP, it hardly matters whether u use proxy method or not. I am not listing the ISPs name having better reachability as it may change based on ircts mgmt decision. But you can easily find out from BGP tools available onnline.

  11. DINESH KUMAR says:

    i dont know abt proxy server how it ….i will do … help me

  12. Parthiban V says:

    Can any one mail me the Delhi IRCTC Proxy IP and port in HTTP Proxy .

  13. adesh patel says:

    E Sa ko Ke se Open Kare 10am Ko To Kulta Hi nahi Hai

  14. Hitesh says:

    better use Opera turbo mode in Opera browser (i know its not popular browser for PC)
    It uses Opera proxy which is very very safe (compare to local proxy)
    they have good servers to serve proxy, so ticket booking get helped. (tried and tested)
    But if IRCTC servers are overloaded, no one can help.

  15. shabir Ahmed says:

    Hello I think railway department should close the online booking or make the site better because it is not possible to book online tatkal ticket and also not easy to book nor mal tickets by irctc. It is very big hussalling for the people

  16. AdityaMishra says:

    Whoa !! Send all requests and keystrokes through a proxy, log all strokes and poof.. your credit card is taken by hawks.

  17. Biman says:

    Use of unknown Proxy Server is not at all safe as one may have to compromise the finance through this option. Though, Rahul has mentioned that payment gateway functions under Secure SSL, what about the proxy status. Ordinary man cannot understand all these technical jargon and may hve to face legal complications also.
    Moreover, since bandwith of IRCTC is not supporting so much polling at a time, how proxy server will help ?? I can’t understand the logic. Unless IRCTC desire to have the e-ticketing facility open for net user religiously (specially for the time band of Tatkal booking), nothing will hlep. Increase of bandwith is the only solution.
    My dear friends, plase think twice before using IP address of unknown proxy server.

  18. E Arunachalam says:

    Please I need fast

  19. Prashant says:

    Using public proxy to longing in into irctc and use it to pay for the reservation is not recommended as liability and security of these proxies can not be certain-ed,It also can lead to flagging the payment resulting the cancellation of ticket or removal of passenger at time of boarding,

    This technique might lead to blocking the credit cards and in a way appearing as if the passenger was involved in a criminal activity.

    So,Please edit this article with a warning for its use or remove this as it promotes fraudulent tasks.

  20. Gappu says:

    hey, the payment security can suffer…. ” Man In THe Middle Attack” can happen…for more… google MITM attack…

  21. Nitin Vijay says:

    Hello Mr. Rahul,

    I have tried your steps, but it seems not working for me.

    According to me, When server is busy nothing will work from our side. Technical team of IRCTC should identify the issue and implement the load balancing on server.

    Nitin Vijay

  22. Mohan Pahare says:

    I am doing booking from seperate machine. Net speed is 30 mbps. Still only 50% success. Instead of trying all those things people over there at irctc and government should think of general public. IRCTC developers must feel shamed of themselves as they are providing such service.

  23. Aman says:

    Please Help Me when i open irctc website it would take too much time open i am using 16 mbps of optical fiber to connect internet all page open superfast but irctc open very very slow take 5 to 10 seconds to load please help

  24. sagar pawar says:


  25. bilal ahmed says:

    plz boss help me mujhe mere mobil number par callm 09695627039

  26. suresh says:

    yer i dont no how to create proxi server plz help me

  27. Prakash Agrawal says:

    please pura bataye mujhe samajh ne main problem arahi hai

  28. shantanu says:

    IRCTC TATKAL Ticket Fast booking TRICK with magic autofill… follow link below.

  29. pankaj kumar says:

    Hi Rahul,

    I am sure it will not work because i am already getting 15 mbps downloading speed in Hyderabad still IRCTC site is not responding….

  30. V Sridhar says:

    Some observations:

    1. Using a generic/open/public proxy server for a financial transaction is a big no. The proxy would have access to all your normal data stream. In addition, there are enough scenarios where the proxy can play out man-in-the-middle attacks and you would be short. So it is not advisable in this situation where the userid, password, form data and later financial data under a SSL gets going.

    2. In the recent past, IRCTC has implemented source-IP address checks for avoiding duplicate sessions. A proxy server tends to complicate the situation in this case.

    3. In terms of server performance, the proxy would try addressing the route-to-the-server. In most cases of the IRCTC timeout, the issue is more about the server not being able to handle the load and the sessions. So the proxy would not help out in that situation.

    4. On this post, there have been many queries on what is a form auto-fill. A good snippet is posted by Amit Agarwal at . It includes a browser scriptlet and a video demonstrating how it works. Make sure you try it out much before you need the tatkal. Remember to refresh the scriptlet with the relevant details – otherwise it would have information from your last tatkal booking.

  31. Ashu says:

    hey guys, I have successfully booked tatkal tickets online.

    It all depends on timing, network strength and “patience”.
    Match the timing of your computer with the irctc server first.
    Login at 9:40 or 9:45, it will open.
    Just keep browsing the website as the session time out is about 3 minutes. Do not leave it idle.
    At sharp 9:48 fill in the details and hit “find trains”.
    choose your train and wait. it may take 4 to 5 min or even less.
    every request will take some time, do not panic and wait till the connection is established.
    Always use firefox, no proxy nothing.
    payment gateway may also take certain amount of time.
    Have patience and you will book your ticket successfully.

    Do not hit a button twice.
    Do not hit refresh.
    Do not hit back button.

    Cheers !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Pranay says:

      absolutely right method to be successful in irctc tatkal booking. I have booked DurgaPuja time ticket just like this. In that time, the traffic was same as tatkal. because in 2minutes, all the tickets were gone and in 5 minutes, it was 300 WL. 😀

    • sachin mhatre says:

      Please muze bhi bato Thik se 8484830044 my mobile no

  32. varadendra says:

    Kindly provide the proxy server URL

  33. GripSoftTechnology says:

    I Have IRCTC Tatkal Booking Software Which is not free…
    I am providing the software with a better quality and also this this my own application.If there arises any problem, I will sort it in 1 day or maximum in 2 days time. If IRCTC server changes its script then I’l update it in 1/2 day time.
    just dropout your mail at
    Note: Only For Mumbai

  34. gopal yadav says:

    pls some one tell me delhi based proxy and http

  35. KITU says:

    if anybody wants to book tatkal booking mail the details of trip, indentity proof details, and the mobile no to my email, 2 days before the day of journey…………Conditions: Its not free first you have to transfer the amount (Total Ticket Amount + Rs 150 per passenger) in advance to my bank account

  36. chandrakant says:

    contect 9225952111

  37. Ankit says:

    I have a softwere for booking the tatkal ticket which is ‘TSYSTEM’ in this softwere we put all the input as login id , password, train no,payment detail,atm no,poin etc
    at 10pm we click on book and our ticket is booked conformed. You will see this video on youtube in TSYSTEM

  38. Fernando Green says:

    Thanks a lot for these tips. I tried it out and it worked. Perhaps it depends on the internet connection. Been having great speeds lately. I’ll make sure to save this for future use.

  39. sunny kumar says:

    plz boss help me mujhe mere mobil number par callm 9721229456



  41. OnlineAgents says:

    Dear All,

    Difference between IRCTC Normal customer login and Agent login is
    In Normal login customer can book only 10 PNR for month by 9 am , he cont sell tickets and he wont get any branding on tickets as agent, in IRCTC Agent login he can do unlimited tickets ,he can have give his branding as Government Authorized Railway Booking Agency , by 12 pm, you can get railway agency from OnlineAgents and also clarify all dought’s.

    Online Agents Team

  42. kush gupta says:

    sir tell me any software which helps me to book tatkal ticket best
    of 4 slot or 6 slot

  43. anil kumar says:

    Sir, i need the software for tatkal booking.pls tell me price of software.

  44. amit kumar says:

    how to use this patment option

  45. Senthil says:

    Use Virtual Credit Card or Net banking if you are using proxy server..
    VCC is the best option..

  46. sachin mhatre says:

    Please muze software chahiye mike apka software tonne 500rs kamake de sakta hi

  47. Class sl says:

    Pretty! This was an extremely wonderful post.
    Many thanks for providing these details.

  48. shibnath ghosh says:

    i need this software for tatkal booking my cont no is 09832516656.

  49. sudipto says:


    Yesterday I tried to book a tatkal ticket at home using my personal vodafone data card. But I got the message that only 2 tickets can be booked per 1 IP address. When I checked with Vodafone whether I have a unique IP address or not, they either pleaded ignorance/cant help you or at the best, we provide unique IP address to each of our customers.

    However, as per IRCTC same IP address is allotted by ISP to multiple customers.

    Please guide me how to overcome this obstruction. I need to book a ticket for a senior citizen person who has to come to Delhi for medical treatment.

    Any help on this would be of great assistance.


  50. Pranay says:

    I also need a software for tatkal ticket… Pls contact on 9920924685 or

  51. SOUMEN BASULI says:

    what system proxy tatkal ticket booking by indian rail proxy port number

  52. SOUMEN BASULI says:

    plz boss help me mujhe mere mobil number par callm 9800802327

  53. SOUMEN BASULI says:

    plese tell me how i change irctc proxy server for fast tatkal book by indian rail.

  54. SURAJ says:


  55. Tridip das says:

    Thanks for sharing it . I am looking on internet how can i book railway ticket faster than ever..

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