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Meet Windows Azure, Infographic chart explains Windows Azure

The world is moving towards cloud, and Microsoft is helping to move each and every business in the cloud. With Windows Azure, Microsoft provides extensive set of tools, resources and the perfect platform to you run your business successfully in the cloud. Although its not opensource, but user has fully control over their account and the platform. SaaS, Paas, Iaas,whatever you ask, they have made a perfect infrastructure to handle all concurrently. Build applications using any language, tool or framework. You can integrate your public cloud applications with your existing IT environment. In this article i will show you some quick points and overview about the Windows Azure service with nicely drawn infographic.

Lets have a quick look on what Windows Azure provides and makes it stand in market:

  • Your contents are distributed in 8 datacenters with worldwide CDN network. You might not know but whenever you upload any file in Azure, your data is automatically replicated to another datacenters to provide reliability and uptime.
  • Windows Azure allows you to use any language to build applications, including .NET, PHP, Java, Node.js, Python and Ruby.
  • You will stay online even if you are upgrading your system, like increasing HDD or CPU resources, 0% downtime.
  • You can directly access your content through Open REST protocols available.
  • Your operating system is automatically upgraded if any new patch or update is released.
  • Add resources with just a click and applied within a minute.
  • Premade OS templates for your VPSes.
  • Inbuilt opensource apps for your Azure websites.
  • Store data in SQL, tables, BLOBs depending upon your worker role.

Windows Azure Cloud Services consist of Internet facing Web roles and Worker roles that run background tasks. Web roles can offload computing jobs to Worker roles and can distribute work via queues to scalable pools of Worker roles. All roles can access data stores or other services.

Windows Azure Media Services provide a selection of services for encoding and protecting streaming media such as videos and music. Drop off your high-resolution source content and convert it to multiple bit rates for playback on a variety of devices. Stream to HD, DVD and phones.

Windows Azure Mobile Services is a turnkey backend solution running on Windows Azure servers that offers functions such as saving data, querying, managing identity and pushing notifications to phone. Additionally, you can run scripts on the server to execute custom logic when doing CRUD operations.

Windows Azure Virtual Machines can run both Windows and Linux operating systems. Create VMs from Virtual Hard Disk images stored as blobs. Create VHDs locally and upload them, choose from a stock gallery or modify a running VM and save the image to your personal gallery.

You can view my previous article in which i have described the Steps to Create a virtual machine in Windows Azure.

With Windows Azure Web Sites, you can share space in a VM or reserve an entire machine for your web site. You can create sites with both SQL Database and MySQL databases, as well as deploy popular open source software from a gallery. You can use the slider on the Windows Azure portal to scale out to more instances.

You can visit my previous article in which i have described steps to Install WordPress on Windows Azure, or view this video.

Everyone is moving towards cloud, why not you. Just tryout Windows Azure for 90 days now. Download the Full Meet Windows Azure infographic.

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